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Mining trends and themes

Mining trends and themes

Explore the trends and key themes that are shaping the future of the mining industry.

Mining health and safety

Health and safety is paramount in the mining industry. Protection and prevention in the workplace are crucial in achieving operational success and reaching a zero-risk industry. As many people in the industry work long hours in rural or remote locations, there are focused efforts on positive mental health and more opportunities for communities to discuss and develop different ways in tackling the issue.

Mining engineering

Mining engineering involves all stages of the resources cycle, from exploration and discovery to planning and implementation right through to closure and rehabilitation. As trusted leaders and experts, mining engineers help create safe and productive operating environments. Mining engineering is a crucial part of the process as it encompasses all aspects of the mine and considers the wellbeing of employees working at the specific site.

Mining technology and innovation

As we dive deeper into a digital world, advances in technology and innovation is a leading source for the mining industry. These new developments will create exciting evolutionary change bringing increased demand for Australian resources, mineral exploration, reduced costs and jobs of the future for Australia.

Future mining workforce

As the mining industry continues to evolve so should its workforce. Now more than ever, industry professionals need to examine the skills needed in a rapidly changing sector and consider how to best prepare for changes in the industry and workplace.

Mining exploration and geology

Australia is abundant in natural resources, rare earth elements and world class minerals. As we move into the future, mining exploration of Australia’s untapped potential is vital for a long term supply chain. As we continue to explore our country, we continue to support every Australian with new opportunities, jobs of the future and education and training.

Indigenous partnerships

It is important the mining industry continues to foster respect for Indigenous culture. A large majority of Australian mines are located close to Indigenous communities and the land is under native title. The Australian mining industry partners with Indigenous communities to develop the best ways to unlock business, training and employment opportunities for their communities.

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Australia’s top commodities

Australia is a world-leader in producing and exporting a variety of metals and minerals.

Future of mining in Australia

With rapid new advances in technology and exploration, opportunities are limitless for the future of the Australian mining industry.

Australian mining industry

Australia plays a leading role in mining on a global platform and is continually recognised for its strong and ever-growing industry.

Mining's economic contribution

The mining industry is a huge part of Australia’s thriving economy accounting for eight percent of the gross domestic product (GDP).

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