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Mining engineering

Mining engineering

Mining engineers help create safe and productive working environments.

Modern mining engineers are involved in all stages of the mining cycle, from exploration and discovery, planning and implementation, right through to closure and rehabilitation.  We have collected a range of resources to give you insights into mining engineering including interviews, case studies, videos and further reading. 


5 minutes with Prof Ismet Canbulat

We sat down with Ismet Canbulat, Professor and Head of School at UNSW Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering, to ask him about his career, current research, and the future of mining engineering.

"Mining engineering offers an exciting, intellectually stimulating career brimming with opportunities and challenges, and rewarding career pathways."

Harness the power of robust strategic mine planning

AusIMM and Dassault Systèmes have partnered together to highlight the leading role skilled professionals play in the mining industry. This Dassault Systèmes video gives an overview of how mining businesses implement the most robust scenario or plan to ensure that a mining project will consistently deliver value throughout its planned lifetime.

In focus

Ground control

Ground control is a principal hazard and requires specific professional expertise to address the risks that ground instability can present to health and safety in the workplace.

Explore the topic of ground control through this collection of papers from AusIMM’s 2014 and 2018 AusRock Conference series. AusIMM members can access this content for free.

Other mining engineering recommended reading

Developments in mine planning, management and engineering

AusIMM Bulletin, April 2018 A collection of thoughts from our Mining Society on how mining engineering has developed over the past 125 years.

What makes a great engineer?

AusIMM Bulletin, April 2015 Former AusIMM President Peter McCarthy HonFAusIMM(CP) shares his thoughts on the behaviours and attributes that make a successful mining engineer.

A brief history of mining engineering and AusIMM

AusIMM Bulletin, April 2018 The history of mining engineering in Australasia is closely tied with AusIMM, which was initially established as the Australasian Institute of Mining Engineers in 1893. Read more about the history of AusIMM and the rise of the mining engineering profession in Australasia.

Connect with your peers

Want more mining engineering content? AusIMM’s Mining Society represents the education, training and professional development needs of those practising or interested in mining engineering.

Mining Technology

Part of AusIMM’s technical journal series, Mining Technology also contains the latest papers and expert research across the field of mining engineering. AusIMM members can access this journal for free via their member dashboard.

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