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Future of mining in Australia

Future of mining in Australia

With rapid new advances in technology and exploration, opportunities are limitless for the future of the Australian mining industry.

The evolutionary change in automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence matched with mineral exploration secures a prosperous future of mining.

As the industry continues to develop more jobs will be available for a wider group of industry professionals.

The current workforce will upskill, finding new roles as the sector dives into digitalisation and new technology. Industries working closely with the sector will also benefit from the development in technology as there will be a new demand for equipment, tech services and partners in mining. This employment expansion will continue to grow communities in regional and rural parts of the country.  

Exploration continues to be a huge part of Australia’s future.

We have a huge majority of untapped potential with high global demand for Australian resources. Australia is a leader in global exports and as Asia continues to grow at a rapid rate, so will its demand for Australian minerals. Australia will lead the way in the future of mining.  

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