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Mining's economic contribution

Mining's economic contribution

The mining industry is a huge part of Australia’s thriving economy accounting for eight percent of the gross domestic product (GDP). 

A key industry with a first-class contribution, mining supports a high majority of the population with employment, high industry wages, investment, and tax returns to Australians.

The mining industry invests in the capabilities of the Australian workforce by creating jobs and new opportunities supporting communities across the country from capital cities to rural and remote regions.

Mining is a significant contributor to the economy as it underpins the rise in income, living standards and prosperity over time. Australia has a strong mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector with leading developments in innovation servicing the sector. Mining contributes to billions of dollars to federal and state governments each year in taxes and royalties. This funding assists all industries in Australia, making way for new schools, infrastructure, roads, hospitals and more. Major companies in the resources sector donate funding to support community programs and scholarships across our country.

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Australia’s top commodities

Australia is a world-leader in producing and exporting a variety of metals and minerals.

Future of mining in Australia

With rapid new advances in technology and exploration, opportunities are limitless for the future of the Australian mining industry.

Mining trends and themes

From technology and innovation to the future mining workforce, explore the trends and key themes that are shaping the future of the mining industry.

Australian mining industry

Australia plays a leading role in mining on a global platform and is continually recognised for its strong and ever-growing industry.

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