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Future mining workforce

Future mining workforce

Are you future ready?

In this Digital Discovery Series we explore careers in mining, examine the skills needed in a rapidly changing sector, and consider how industry professionals can best prepare for changes to the industry and the workplace. Hear from experienced leaders and practitioners on the future of mining, mining education, and where a career in resources can take you.


Getting prepared for the Workforce of the Future

AusIMM partners with organisations, such as Dassault Systèmes, who share our values and recognise the importance of professionals in shaping the future of the mining industry. This Dassault Systèmes e-book gives leaders insight into preparing for a new generation of tech-savvy workers. Click here for more information.


5 minutes with geologist Claire Edwards

In 2010 we were excited to welcome our 10,000th AusIMM member, geologist Claire Edwards. At the time Claire was just starting her career in the mining industry. We caught up with Claire to find out where the last decade has taken her career and to see what advice she can offer others who are just starting out.

"It’s taken a decade to be in a situation where my experience, commodity prices and timing have aligned so that I am able to be in a position of my choice, which is leading me in my chosen direction."

Part 1

Future skills for the resources sector

Examining the broader context of the future outlook of the sector, and how well positioned the industry is to deal with change.

Featuring Rithin Payyanadan (Yokogawa) and Adrian Beer (Mets Ignited).

Industry Report

Resources Education Collaboration Summit

AusIMM’s Resources Education Collaboration Summit (RECS) was hosted in Melbourne in partnership with the Victorian Government in October 2019.

The Summit provided an opportunity for key mining leaders and representatives from industry, education and government to come together and explore the future of mining workforce.

Career Advice

Top advice for new mining professionals

Hear from Sandeep Biswas, Melanie McCarthy, Julie Shuttleworth and Elizabeth Croft as they share insights on getting the most out of your time in mining.Their words of wisdom are ideal for those considering a career in mining, or those who have just graduated and are about to start their first job on site.

Three tips for a future leader

As the world changes, leaders also need to adapt to ensure that they're effective in a drastically different landscape. In a recent article for the AusIMM Bulletin, Dr Ali Burston shared three skills future leaders can cultivate now in preparation for the opportunities and challenges ahead.

1. Develop emotional intelligence

Leaders with high emotional intelligence are worth their weight in gold. In simple terms, as workers climb the corporate ladder, their role generally is more about managing others (and themselves) than it is about their specified technical skills.

2. Be comfortable with change

Resistance to change occurs at all levels, and leaders are required to reduce perceived fear of the unknown and enable others to move through change more smoothly.

3. Promote a sense of purpose

Leaders need to do more than facilitate and manage change; they need to encourage innovation as well. A leader that can promote innovative and creative thinking nurtures a culture that is flexible and offers rapid problem-solving.

Other future workforce recommended content

AusIMM Women in Mining Survey 2021

March 2021 Data, analysis and insights from the leading survey of women’s participation in the resources sector, giving an evidence base upon which to build future efforts to continue creating a welcoming, inclusive environment for all women in resources.

Closing the skills gap in Australian mining

AusIMM Bulletin, May 2020 Research suggests industry and education institutions must work together to address the looming skills shortage in the Australian resources sector.

Connect with your peers

Want more future workforce content? AusIMM’s New Professionals Network helps young AusIMM members build their networks and progress their careers. Visit AusIMM’s New Professionals Network

Student Chapters

AusIMM also has a number of student chapters in many Australian and international universities. Student members are supported to interact with peers, gain access to mentors and develop careers in the resources sector. Find a Student Chapter Near You

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