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Self-paced online course

Delivering to Client Expectations

Mineral Consultants Fundamentals Series

Self-paced online course

Delivering to Client Expectations

Mineral Consultants Fundamentals Series

Engage successfully with clients by understanding the key objectives and expectation of deliverables.

This is Course 4 in AusIMM's mining consulting Series. View all courses here.

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As a consultant, one of the main objectives is providing deliverables to clients.  The type of deliverable depends on the scope of the project, and communication with the client is critical at all stages to ensure there is alignment of expectations that fits the project requirements. For example, a mineral resource estimation will adhere to the JORC Code whereas a report on exploration mapping for internal purpose will not. This course focuses on engaging with a client on a project by understanding the key objectives and expectation of deliverables, eg client expectation, date of delivery, type and standard of report, etc.

You will learn about different types of reports and adhering to reporting codes such as JORC and VALMIN. The course will lead you to then become a Competent Person and qualified practitioner in your field.

The course is for new consultants to the mining industry but it also useful for seasoned consultants who need to improve their skills in preparing scoped out proposals that are properly budgeted and deliver strong outcomes.

Learn at your own pace – at a time that suits you

Delivered in a self-paced format, this course allows you to study when and where suits you, ideal for fitting learning around work and personal commitments. Following the recommended required reading, the course content will be presented in various formats, including provision of checklists, tools and templates. Learning outcomes will also be highlighted and tested for understanding. No matter if you want to launch your own consultancy, to operate as a sole trader, to make the leap to becoming a consultant for the first time or to expand your consulting skills, this course allows you to gather insights from experienced consultants to navigate opportunities and avoid the pitfalls of consulting work. This is Course 4 in the Mineral Consultants Fundamentals Series.  

Save 20% on the Mineral Consultant's Handbook

Get 20% off Monograph 34, the Mineral Consultant's Handbook, when you enrol in one of the five Mineral Consultants self-paced courses.

Combining a wealth of knowledge from more than 50 contributors, the Mineral Consultant’s Handbook (MCH) provides useful and practical advice on a range of relevant topics for those working as, or considering becoming, a minerals consultant. The MCH is centred around principles and while primarily aimed at minerals professionals navigating the early stages of becoming a consultant, this handbook will also be a useful tool for more experienced professionals.

The publication is made up of 18 chapters along with an extensive collection of useful documents and templates included as appendices. The text was initially drafted and released in digital format by John F Dunlop FAusIMM(CP), a well-respected minerals consultant with more than thirty years of experience, on behalf of the Minerals Industry Consultants Association (MICA). Contributions and additions to this initial draft were received and compiled to produce this second edition, which now joins the prestigious collection of AusIMM monographs. Participants will be provided with a discount code in the course platform.

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View the entire Mineral Consultants Fundamentals Series

Course 1: Establishing a New Mineral Consultancy

What it takes to be a consultant and set up a successful new consultancy, including business structure, pricing model and what tools are required for the business.

Course 2: Planning Your Consultancy Business

Once you're set up, learn how to formulate a business strategy and plan, use advisers, business tracking and management tools.

Course 3: Effective Client Relationships

Tips on marketing, drafting of proposals to, and subsequent contracts with, clients; ongoing client communications and priority management.

Course 4: Delivering to Client Expectations

How best to communicate results throughout the assignment, the key aspects of various report types, what to include or qualify and standards to meet, including the effective use of audits and peer review.

Course 5: Managing Risk as a Consultant

How to manage risk in the business, including avoiding disputes, assessing liabilities, protection of intellectual property and key requirements for expert witness assignments.

Who should attend?

The course is aimed primarily at early to mid-career professionals who may be considering establishing a new consulting business, or who simply wish to improve their skills in preparing properly budgeted, scoped-out proposals that deliver the strong outcomes for the client.

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