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ICMM welcomes AusIMM as association member

28 Jun 2023 · 500 words, 2 min read
The International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) has welcomed the AusIMM as a new association member. Founded in 1893 and celebrating its 130th anniversary this year, AusIMM is a member-based, professional association leading the way for people working in the resources sector. Representing 15,000 members in 100 countries, AusIMM showcases leadership, upholds industry standards, creates communities, and shapes careers through world-class professional development including online courses, technical conferences, and thought leadership events. Rohitesh Dhawan, CEO, speaking at the World Mining Congress, said “We are delighted to welcome AusIMM as our newest association member. We’ve a very positive history of working collaboratively with AusIMM to promote leading practice on environment, social and governance issues in our industry. I’m looking forward to building on this partnership even further as we co-develop the tools needed to help industry professionals continue to responsibly produce the critical minerals and metals required across the globe.”   Stephen Durkin, CEO AusIMM, said “This cements an already strong and collaborative relationship between our organisations.  This will enable us to share insights and drive leading practice to make our industry safer and more sustainable. “Both the ICMM and AusIMM are committed to responsible resource development. The AusIMM’s expertise in sustainable mining practice and professional education courses such as in ESG & Social Responsibility will be enhanced by working more closely with ICMM.  For example, our upcoming new Professional Certificate on Integrated Mine Closure will be based on ICMM’s Good Practice Guide.”

AusIMM has become ICMM’s 40th association member, joining 25 company members - that represent one third of the global metals and mining - and 39 associations that represent different commodities, national jurisdictions and professional groups.

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ICMM CEO Rohitesh Dhawan and AusIMM CEO Stephen Durkin at World Mining Congress in Brisbane, June 2023. 

About ICMM

ICMM stands for mining with principles. We bring together a third of the global metals and mining industry, along with key partners to drive leadership, action and innovation for sustainable development, ultimately delivering a positive contribution to society. Through collaboration, ICMM member companies set the standard for responsibly produced minerals and metals in a safe, just and sustainable world.

About AusIMM

AusIMM is a member-based, professional association representing 15,000 industry professionals from 100 countries. As the peak body and trusted voice leading the way for people in resources, AusIMM offers an outstanding membership program and world class professional development including technical mining conferences, online courses and networking opportunities. AusIMM welcomes all people in the mining industry and is committed to improving the environmental, social and economic outcomes in the sector, now and for generations to come.

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