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AusIMM Announces they will be Hosting MOLTEN 2024 Conference in Brisbane

26 Jul 2023 · 600 words, 3 minute read

AusIMM is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated 12th International Conference on Molten Slags, Fluxes and Salts, also known as MOLTEN 2024.

Taking place from June 17 to 19, 2024, in the vibrant city of Brisbane, this prestigious event will bring together leading experts, researchers, and industry professionals from around the globe to explore the theme "Supporting the Transition to Sustainable Technologies."

A Gathering of International Delegates
MOLTEN 2024, a quadrennial conference, stands as a hallmark event for those interested in developing and optimizing high-temperature processing systems. With its reputation as the "Olympics" of molten slags, fluxes and salts, this conference has earned its place as a premier platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration in the field.
Enhancing Progress Towards Sustainable Industrial Processing Systems
The theme for MOLTEN 2024, "Supporting the Transition to Sustainable Technologies," reflects industry's collective commitment to advancing towards environmentally responsible and sustainable practices. The conference aims to facilitate the exchange and dissemination of knowledge on this essential class of processing systems, ultimately fostering the development of more sustainable industrial processing techniques.
Now Calling for Abstract Submissions
AusIMM is inviting researchers, experts, and industry professionals to submit abstracts for presentation at the conference. Abstract submissions will open on July 24, 2023, and close on October 16, 2023. Authors of accepted abstracts will have the opportunity to submit a full paper, an extended abstract or a poster, with revisions provided through a thorough peer review process facilitated by the Conference Organising Committee.
Themes for Abstract Consideration
When preparing abstract submissions, authors are encouraged to focus on the following themes:
  1. Experimental Measurements: Presentations under this theme should highlight cutting-edge experimental approaches and techniques in the field of molten slags, fluxes and salts processing.
    • Thermodynamic properties, multi-phase equilibria, minor element distributions 
    • Physico-chemical properties (viscosity, surface tension, conductivity…)
    • Reaction / Process kinetics
  1. Mathematical Descriptions: Authors can explore mathematical models and simulations that enhance the understanding and optimization of high-temperature processing systems.
    • Thermodynamic databases and models
    • Physico-chemical property models
    • Process simulations 
  1. Research: Emphasis should be placed on innovative research that contributes to the development of sustainable industrial processing systems.
    • Industrial slag / flux / molten salt design and optimisation
    • Refractory-melt interactions
    • New energy and metal production technologies
    • Recycling and environment sustainability 
  1. Implementation of Research Outcomes by Industry: Presentations addressing this theme should showcase successful applications of research outcomes within the industry, driving practical advancements towards sustainability, including applications of fundamental research to industrial practice.
Poster Presentations and Full Paper Submissions
Authors of poster presentations are not required to submit a full paper. However, all other authors are encouraged to submit a full paper for peer review, except for industry authors, who have the option to submit an extended abstract or a full paper.
Join the MOLTEN 2024 Experience
MOLTEN 2024 presents a unique opportunity to collaborate with international experts, gain invaluable insights, and contribute to the progress of sustainable technologies in high-temperature processing systems. AusIMM invites participants from all corners of the globe to be part of this transformative conference.
Abstract Submission and Registration Information
For abstract submissions and comprehensive details about the conference, including registration, visit the official website at jjqqyy.com/molten
About AusIMM
AusIMM is the leading professional body for professionals in the resources sector. With a rich history dating back to 1893, AusIMM empowers its members to shape a responsible, inclusive, and sustainable industry for the betterment of society.
Media Contact

Domenic Stevenson, Communications Manager, dstevenson@jjqqyy.com

Note to Editors: AusIMM is happy to provide additional information and arrange interviews with keynote speakers and abstract presenters upon request.

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