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Geotourism WG5 meeting outcomes

18 Dec 2023 · 270 words, 3 min read

On the 7th Dec 2023, a National Geotourism Strategy (NGS) Group 5 zoom meeting was held with Melinda McHenry (Tasmania University) leading the group.  Two members of the Geoscience Society attended on behalf of the committee.


  1. BYO web platform development; Previous meetings discussed contents & form of digital platform for Geotourism that is part of a larger tourism group (heritage, cultural etc). This meeting Melinda reported that broader group accepted all of the geotourism’s input, including listing selected operating mines, and select geological sites, as well as historical sites. Further light discussion on web platform on possible Vic sites and such. Projects display catch short outline, followed by detail and links to more info. This team is looking for input of projects to put on map and in system.
  2. Application for Australian Heritage Grant with 1st round submission completed. Now time to prepare for similar 2nd round expected in April / May 2024. Again Melinda & Tasmania University will lead this activity. We need to select projects from the “Australian National Heritage List”. See Box 4 & 5. Total grant A$400,000 but easier to apply for multiple smaller numbers such as A$40,000. We need to contribute on 80:20 bases, thus A$10,000 for A$40,000 grant. Relative flexible on how we contribute such funds, and can have partners etc. The team is looking for potential projects, though they must be on the National List.
  3. The AGC will include undertakings of this working Group in their next newsletter shortly.
  4. Next meeting for this group target 7-20 January 2024. Next GEOFEST project meeting (Australia – Indonesia) schedule 19 Dec.

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