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Self-paced online course

Breaking the Surface: An Introduction to the Resources Sector

Self-paced online course

Breaking the Surface: An Introduction to the Resources Sector

An introduction to the resources sector to provide those from a non-mining background with a basic understanding of the cycle of mining from exploration to relinquishment. 

Quick facts

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1 hour (6 x 10 min modules)
100% online
Self paced
Available year-round


The ideal introduction to the mining industry

Are you new to the resources sector and need to quickly gain an understanding of our industry? This training will quickly bring you up-to-speed.
The course will provide an overview of the resources sector in Australia, exploring the lifecycle of a mine from exploration to planning, development, extraction and production. The course also navigates the importance of mine closure, rehabilitation and regeneration.

This convenient training will help to guide you as you transition into your new role in this exciting and vibrant industry. The course will provide you with the confidence to communicate effectively with your colleagues, and empower you with an understanding of mine operations and the broader industry, and an appreciation of the teamwork required across the organisation to achieve successful outcomes.

Rapid induction for new employees

Looking for a seamless way to welcome your new recruits to the mining industry? Breaking the Surface is the ideal introduction to the systems and processes unique to our sector, providing a balanced overview to bring your new team members up to speed so they can more effectively work within your business – and with your people. AusIMM can offer a variety of delivery models for this self-paced online course to suit your existing learning management system and pricing considerations, including bulk enrolment and subscription models.

Contact our team today to discuss a training package tailored to your needs.

Course program

Welcome to the Resources Industry

Explore the resources sector in Australia, its economic contribution, and the commodities produced. Discover the lifecycle of a mine and the processes behind each stage. Explore the future of the industry and new innovations taking place. Identify the diverse career paths in the industry and the exciting career development and opportunities on offer.

Finding and Forming Deposits

Explore the layers of the Earth's structure and their qualities Examine the three main types of rocks and how mineral deposits are formed from these rocks Discover the methods of geological exploration and the documentation process Learn about emerging technologies being used by geologists to advance exploration methods

Mine Design and Planning

Discover the first steps to planning a mine Explore innovations in mining Recognise the various environmental and social licences needed

From Planning to Product

Explore the difference between surface mining and underground mining Discover the various processing methods and how they are used to extract minerals and orebodies Analyse mineral processing and extraction methods

Keeping Safe

Build awareness of the risks of the resources sector and how they are mitigated Explore how risk management is established, how everyone plays a part in keeping mines safe, and how to keep yourself, other workers and the community safe Explore why mental health is a vital component in keeping safe and discover the support systems available to you

Rehabilitation and Regeneration

Explore the final stage of the mining lifecycle, it’s purpose and importance Discover who financially supports the closure of a mine site Learn the process of regeneration and what companies are required to do Recognise the decommissioning and closure process

Accelerate your knowledge of the mining industry

Who should attend?

- Professionals and technicians entering the resources sector from adjacent industries

- Graduates (from all functions of the business) new to the resources industry

- People interested in exploring a role within the resources sector

Course pricing

Prices reflect individual enrolment. Contact our team to discuss tailored packages for group enrolment.
Price inclusive of 10% GST
Price inclusive of 10% GST

Accelerate your knowledge of the mining industry

Frequently asked questions

The course will be run entirely online via a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) which can be accessed via computer, tablet or phone. Participants will simply need to have a working Internet connection and a computer, tablet or phone with sound to access the course.
The full course is estimated to take about 1 hour to complete. Participants will have access to the course for six months after they first log in. 
This is a self-paced course available year-round.
At the moment, no, but we will be looking at delivering the course in other languages in the near future. 
Participants can earn professional development (PD) hours for undertaking the course. One contact hour of technical content is equivalent to one PD hour. 

Terms and Conditions

AusIMM Course Terms and Conditions

Privacy Collection Statement

AusIMM Course Privacy Collection Statement

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