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Inspiring Inclusion in STEM, with Jasmine Gill

Jasmine Gill SAusIMM Epiroc Women in Mining Ambassador
08 Dec 2023 · 640 words, 2 minute read

As a female engineering student, the 2024 International Women’s Day theme "Inspire Inclusion", strikes a deep chord within me.

In STEM, business, and leadership areas the gender gap has limited human progression throughout history. Already, I have seen the underrepresentation of women in classrooms, laboratories, and industry. The female proportion studying engineering at my institution is currently 18%, which is astonishingly an all-time high. This inequality not only hinders diversity in terms of ideas, but it also limits the opportunity for momentous innovations. The IWD theme reflects the urgent need to break down barriers and create an environment where all voices, regardless of gender, are not only heard but actively valued.
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Jasmine Gill (right) with friend Ruby Darch (left) at the launch of International Women's Day Event Series 2024 in Perth
The subtheme of supporting women and girls into leadership roles is a concept I am particularly passionate about. The importance of women in decision-making positions cannot be overstated. Diverse perspectives contribute to more comprehensive problem-solving and foster an inclusive, innovative atmosphere. Encouraging women to take up leadership roles in STEM fields is not just about equality; it is an investment in a future where our technological advancements are shaped by an array of experiences and insights. Whilst societal gender stereotypes are losing value, women still experience the repercussions in the form of a psychological hindrance known as imposter syndrome. As the 2023 Epiroc Women in Mining Ambassador, I am dedicated to eradicating imposter syndrome and encouraging women that they are more than capable of flourishing in these previously male-dominated roles.  International Women's Day becomes a powerful catalyst for change when connected to initiatives like AusIMM's International Women’s Day Event Series. These events provide a platform for dialogue, sharing success stories, and addressing the challenges faced by women in STEM. Through discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities, these events not only celebrate the achievements of women in the industry but also cultivate an environment that supports and uplifts future generations of women pursuing STEM careers. It is uplifting to see bodies like AusIMM and Epiroc actively working to improve diversity in the resources field.
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Jasmine Gill (left) accepting award at AusIMM's 2023 Awards night from AusIMM President, Nicole Brook (right)

Whilst inclusion is representation, the breaking of ideals that have historically limited women's development is also a large part of the concept. Supportive education programs and cultivating a workplace environment that genuinely values the abilities and ideas from diverse individuals is crucial to creating a better tomorrow. One of the most influential actions to creating a diversity-accepting future is changing the status-quo for the younger generation. I currently speak to adolescents considering a career path and/or further education in science and engineering. It is extremely inspiring to see high-school girls who already have deep interests in math, physics and engineering and are dedicated to pursuing these interests. On the other hand, it is also highly rewarding to be able to adjust the ‘I don’t think I’m smart enough’ mentality held by a lot of young girls who have been influenced by gender stereotypes. For me, the significance of International Women's Day lies in its ability to spark conversations and ignite a passion for change. It serves as a reminder that our individual journeys contribute to a larger narrative of progress and inclusivity. As an engineering student, I am not just studying equations and theories; I am actively taking part in a movement that strives to redefine the landscape of STEM, making it more welcoming and representative of the entire spectrum of talent. To summarise, the theme - "Inspire Inclusion" for International Women's Day and its focus on supporting women and girls into leadership roles in STEM, holds immense importance for me and my peers. It is a call to action, urging us to break through stereotypes, challenge preconceived notions, and actively contribute to a more inclusive future. Engagement with the AusIMM's IWD Event Series, is an excellent opportunity to be a part of a transformative journey which inspires the next generation of women in STEM and industry.
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