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Driving Positive Change Together

12 Dec 2023 · 300 words, 1 minute read

We are thrilled to announce the theme for our 2024 International Women's Day Event Series: "Driving Positive Change Together"!

AusIMM are thrilled to bring our global community together to drive change for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). In this transformative journey we will reveal impactful initiatives, share compelling case studies, and delve into the real differences being made in the mining industry. This movement is led by our esteemed 2024 Series Ambassadors, a group of remarkable women dedicated to DEI in the resources sector.

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Why are we Driving Positive Change?

Our passion stems from envisioning a future where everyone in the resources sector can thrive and succeed. We are committed to fostering an environment that empowers and uplifts, breaking down barriers and promoting inclusivity.

What to Expect?
Get ready for inspiring stories, effective strategies, and a collective effort to create a better future for all. Our Series Ambassadors, including Mel Cooper (Global Head of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity, Rio Tinto), Julie Truss (General Manager Operations and Chair of Weir Women's Network, Weir), and Dr. Elham Hosseinzadehsabeti (Orebody Knowledge Expert at Veracio), will be at the forefront. They will showcase their unique approaches to DEI, share personal achievements, and spark meaningful conversations.
Hearing From Real Women on the Ground:
In addition to our Series Ambassadors, we are thrilled to welcome women from diverse roles, spanning from on-site workers to researchers and beyond. They will share their personal achievements and stories, inspiring change for a better future in mining. Their experiences, challenges, and triumphs will add valuable perspectives to our collective journey towards a more inclusive and prosperous resources sector.

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A Closer Look at Our Series Ambassadors:

We can't wait to share, learn, and grow together as we gear up to celebrate International Women’s Day with you! Stay tuned for updates, stories, and the incredible achievements of women in mining as we embark on this exciting journey toward a more inclusive and prosperous resources sector.

Join us across Australia 29 February - 8 March 2024. 

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