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Event recap - Webinar: Integrated Life of Asset Planning for Optimised Closure and Social Outcomes

27 Nov 2020 · 500 words, 4 minute read

Webinar overview

The mining industry today suffers from a disconnect between mine planning and closure planning. Closure planning is largely compliance focused at the start of the asset lifecycle; as the asset matures and closure planning reaches a pivot point the focus shifts from compliance to actual closure cost and execution methodology. At this pivot point closure costs, schedules and methodologies to achieve environmental and social objectives have not been appropriately integrated into the strategic mine plan often leaving operators with expensive un-optimised closure scenarios that do not meet community expectations of end land use. Webinar attendees will discuss a closure planning approach that effectively locks into the mine planning system early in the asset lifecycle to frame risk and opportunity scenarios against closure compliance, residual risk, and cost.  The interactive analysis provides insights into the major cost drivers and decisions that allow mining companies increase value and productivity by selecting the most optimised closure plans, while achieving stakeholder endorsed transition of the mining lease at the end of the asset lifecycle. This webinar will provide a 30 minute technical presentation by experts in their field. An additional 15 minute Q&A session will enable participants to directly engage with presenters and maximise the value of the webinar experience.

Presenter Bios

Mike O’Kane founded Okane in 1996 after completing undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Saskatchewan. Okane, with offices in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, work at sites around the world located within wide ranging climate conditions. Mike received the University of Saskatchewan Alumni Achievement Award in 2014 for “Global Development of his Business and Corporation, and Philanthropy”.

Chris Mills is an experienced manager with both technical and operational experience across global operations and commodities. Chris has demonstrated experience starting, running and closing operations, mine planning, feasibility and developing and managing production & technical teams. Chris’ expertise also ranges across owner operated and contract mining operations with strong skills in cost management and optimisation and leading large complex studies.  Chris has also held multiple statutory mine appointments and Competent Persons roles. 

Sebastian Lamoureux joined Okane in 2011 and has worked on numerous mine closure projects across its operations.  Sebastian has authored several technical reports, conference proceedings, and peer reviewed journal publications. Sebastian has a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) focused on plant ecophysiology and restoration ecology on mined substrates from The University of Western Australia. He has a strong understanding of plant ecophysiological principals and soil-plant-atmosphere monitoring for rehabilitation and re-vegetation of mine affected lands feeding into Okane’s integrated approach to mine closure.

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