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Event recap - Social & Environment Society – Webinar: Tailings Facilities and Social Performance: Why Communities Matter

Social and Environment Society
13 Nov 2020 · 300 words, 2 minute read
Talk Overview
This webinar will discussed the drivers for social performance featuring so prominently in the new Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management. The presenters provided an overview of the specific social performance requirements, and reflected on the multi-stakeholder process that underpinned the Standard’s formulation. The session will highlight where the Standard has succeeded in integrating social performance into this deeply technical arena. The session concluded with a discussion about the implications for social performance professionals in mining. Read about the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management here:
About the Speakers

Prof. Deanna Kemp, Director Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM), and member of the GTR Expert Panel

Deanna is Professor and Director of CSRM, part of the Sustainable Minerals Institute, at the University of Queensland. With a background in business, development studies and social science, Deanna has worked in mining for 20 years. She now leads a group of 30 social researchers working in mining, both in Australia and internationally. The social performance aspects of tailings facility management is one topic, amongst many others, that the Centre works on.

Susan Joyce, President, On Common Ground Consultants, member of the GTR Expert Panel and CSRM Industry Fellow

Susan is a sociologist with 25 years of experience identifying and managing social and human rights risks of the extractive industries and other international development activities. She specializes in ESG compliance and in improving the social performance and human rights due diligence of companies. She served on the Expert Panel for the Global Tailings Review. Susan graduated from Swarthmore College, with a Masters in Development Sociology from Cornell University.

Emeritus Prof. David Brereton, former Director of CSRM and Co-editor of the GTR Compendium of Papers

David was Director of CSRM from 2001 to 2012 and Deputy Director of the Sustainable Minerals Institute from 2012 to 2016.    He retired from the University in July 2016 but continues to be active as a researcher and consultant.  In 2020 he was engaged by the Global Tailings Review to edit a compendium of research papers and commentaries to accompany the release of the Global Tailings Standard. David is a graduate of the University of Melbourne and holds a PhD in Political Science from Stanford University.

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