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Event recap – Webinar: The Geological Characteristics and Geochemical Signature of Porphyry Copper-(Gold) Deposits in the Circum-Pacific: Why it is not all About the Potassic Zone

Geoscience Society
29 Oct 2020 · 300 words, 3 minute read

Webinar overview

Porphyry deposits of the circum-Pacific region contain a large amount of the world’s copper, molybdenum and gold. These deposits are formed from calc-alkaline and potassic magmas characterized by varying oxidation states (fO2), which contribute to different ore mineral assemblages and contrasting relationships to hydrothermal alteration zones. Gold-rich porphyry copper deposits are typically characterized by hydrous and highly oxidized causal magmas. Variations in the styles of geology and mineralization contribute to differing geochemical expressions and geophysical signatures of the porphyry deposits. Exploration programs that integrate high-quality geological mapping and drill-core logging with a three-dimensional understanding of geochemical and geophysical data will facilitate the path to discovery. The major topics of this talk will include:
  1.  Introduction to porphyry systems
  2. General geology, hydrothermal alteration and geochemical zoning
  3. Roles of fO2, fS2 and H2O in porphyry mineralization
  4. Deposit examples – Batu Hijau (Indonesia) and Alpala (Ecuador)
  5. Summary of geometry, geology and geochemical expression of porphyry systems

About the Presenter:

Steve Garwin has more than 32 years of experience as an exploration geologist with large and small mining companies. He has participated in the gold and copper projects of more than 33 clients in over 18 countries. He worked with Newmont Mining for ten years, including two years as Chief Geologist in Nevada. Steve is a fellow of the Society of Economic Geologists, fellow of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists and a fellow of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Steve is one of the leading authorities on porphyry, epithermal and Carlin-style mineralization in the circum-Pacific region. He has been involved in several, major exploration and mining projects, including the Batu Hijau porphyry mine in Indonesia, the mines of the Carlin and Battle Mountain Trends in Nevada, and the recently discovered world-class Alpala porphyry deposit in Ecuador. Steve is an independent consultant based in Perth, Australia. He obtained his B.Sc. in geology from Stanford, M.Sc. from the University of British Columbia and Ph.D. (distinction) from the University of Western Australia. He is an adjunct research fellow at the Centre for Exploration Targeting at UWA and has authored and co-authored more than 40 scientific papers and abstracts. Steve is chief technical advisor to SolGold Plc. (SOLG:L and SOLG:TSX-V) and technical advisor to Japan Gold Corp (JG:TSX-V).

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