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Announcing AusIMM’s 2023/24 Conference Charity Partner

28 Feb 2023 · 200 words, 1 min read
We are pleased to announce AusIMM’s 2023/24 Conference Charity Partner, voted in by our members, as . DeadlyScience Ltd started after founder Corey Tutt learned that remote schools were often critically under-resourced. They know from personal experiences that books & resources change lives, and kids deserve nothing but the best. DeadlyScience wants to ensure all schools have access to our history of science by providing resources that connect schools to the First Scientists of Australia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. At DeadlyScience Ltd, the first aim is to provide science books and early reading material to remote schools in Australia. They have shipped over 25,000 books, 700 telescopes, 10,000 Lego kits and other STEM resources over 180 communities, with more to come. We appreciate our members for taking the time to vote and supporting our conference charity partner program. We also would like to thank our conference speakers who are kindly donating a portion of their fees so we can supportDeadly Science to be the leading STEM resource support charity for Indigenous children and communities in Australia. We hope to see you at an AusIMM technical conference or corporate event across 2023/24.

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