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Chartered Professionals

Chartered Professionals

Why become an AusIMM Chartered Professional?

AusIMM Chartered Professionals make a significant contribution to the global mining community. With a multi-disciplinary accreditation and high-level recognition, you can achieve prominence in your field with AusIMM’s Chartered Professional program.

The AusIMM Chartered Professionals program is purpose built for specialists in the mining industry supported by the Royal Charter. AusIMM Chartered Professionals demonstrate ongoing commitment to professionalism and are highly valued by employers, clients, and the wider mining community.

Professional excellence

Chartered status represents excellence within a relevant discipline and assurance of standards and professionalism for the mining industry. The Chartered Professional (CP) credential creates a competitive edge, globally recognising experience and leadership in a rapidly developing market.

Progress your career

Chartered Professionals are qualified, highly skilled and up to date. Employers are eager to embrace this credential as it proves the organisation is cutting edge with high performing employees that stand out from the crowd.

Global relevance

AusIMM is a custodian of mining standards, including the internationally benchmarked JORC Code and VALMIN Code . With the growing recognition of Chartered programs in the global community, AusIMM Chartered Professional are globally recognised for working to high standards.

Global best practice

AusIMM Chartered Professionals demonstrate global best practice. This accreditation is globally recognised through our partnership in the Global Mining Standards and Guidelines Group (GMSG) and the Global Mineral Professional Alliance (GMPA), a network of leading professional organisations for resources professionals.

Chartered Professional disciplines

The Chartered Professional Program Committee (CPPC) accredits professionals in the following disciplines:

Environment Areas of Practice





Geotechnical (Mining)

Social Performance Areas of Practice

How can I apply to be a Chartered Professional?

All applicants must demonstrate the following criteria:
  • Hold a current financial membership with AusIMM (MAusIMM or above)
  • Hold a relevant tertiary degree or equivalent to the accredited discipline
  • Have at least five years of relevant work experience within the resources sector in at least one area of practice in the applied disciplined
  • Demonstrate key competencies and a detailed written response with proof the applicant has worked proficiently in practice and the relevant discipline for five years
  • Nominate three sponsors who can verify the applicant’s qualifications and experience
  • Demonstrate professional development during the three years prior to the CP application. There must be evidence by a completed AusIMM online PD logbook with a minimum 150 hours logged
  • Applicants must submit a CV

The term ‘Chartered Professional’ (CP) should not be confused with the term ‘Competent Person’. An AusIMM Chartered Professional undergoes an accreditation process through the AusIMM Chartered Professional Program while a Competent Person must meet a separate set of specific criteria in relation to the JORC code. The AusIMM Chartered Professional Program does not assess this. A Competent Person must spell out the term in full and cannot use the acronym ‘CP’. This is reserved for Chartered Professionals only.

To find out more about what constitutes a Competent Person, view .  

What is the annual commitment for Chartered Professional accreditation?

  • All Chartered Professionals need to be a financial AusIMM member
  • Work in your chosen Chartered Professional field
  • Achieve an average of 50 professional development (PD) hours per year
  • Keep logbook of PD hours

How much is the annual fee?

  • $66 annual fee (incl GST) to retain Chartered Professional accreditation in addition to the annual AusIMM membership fee

How much is the application fee?

  • $660 application and assessment fee (incl GST) per discipline applying, due at time of application
  • $330 application and assessment fee (incl GST) for abridged application
  • Unsuccessful applicants will be refunded $220 (incl GST) of the application and assessment fee

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Become a Chartered Professional

Chartered Professional resources

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Professional Engineers Act 2002 (Queensland)

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Become a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) through AusIMM’s assessment scheme

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